About Aethera Technologies

Operationally proven experience and performance in complex engineering solutions and systems, worldwide.

Our Mission

Integrity, Passion, Collaboration, and Respect.

At Aethera, we consistently deliver on our promises because we employ great people, foster a culture of innovation, promote open communication and invest in each opportunity with a best practices approach.

About Aethera

Aethera Technologies LTD. is a forward-thinking electronics engineering Research & Development firm committed to innovation, focused expertise, great customer service, and advanced technology solutions that enable our clients to find new competitive advantages in their markets.

Aethera uses RF power innovation to help clients achieve high power for process heating and drying applications while improving energy efficiency. Aethera’s solid state power generators enable electrification from a green power grid and a significant reduction in carbon emissions. We work with clients to customize a system.

Our technology can be found in a broad range of applications, including wireless communications, aerospace, manufacturing, agriculture, food and pharmaceuticals, and oil and gas.