Custom Engineering Services

Our team of leading experts in the field of high-power RF systems can deliver cost-effective, best-in-class technology. We have more than 100 years of combined experience in design, development, deployment, and support of complex engineering solutions. Our team is passionate about the standard of their work, perseverant in their pursuit of innovation, and derive great satisfaction in delivering solutions that accelerate success for their clients, allowing us to always deliver on our promise.

We provide custom technology solutions and engineering services for aerospace, wireless communication and industrial RF applications including:

High efficiency switch mode amplifier and power electronics design

Aethera’s growing IP and product portfolio is available to our partners which can significantly reduce R&D timelines and costs.

Our Technology Expertise and Experience

The team at Aethera is comprised of industry experts in RF power, RF heating, RF communication and DSP & embedded systems.

RF Heating

RF heating is ideal for process heating in manufacturing, particularly for bulk goods for which consistency of product is important. Aethera has developed innovative power generation technology that is highly efficient and makes solid state RF affordable for the first time. Aethera’s depth of knowledge in power generation, matching networks and applicators for RF heating applications has led to significant improvements in product quality and operating efficiency for clients.

High-power Switch-mode Amplifiers

Switch mode Radio Frequency amplifier technology may be used in communications applications where a signal is transmitted, or in applications where RF energy is required for a process, such as plasma production or dielectric heating at frequencies generally below 50 MHz.

Aethera’s RF amplifier technology offers the following benefits:

Improving our RF amplifier technology is a core strategic goal which we believe will benefit our client’s products in their traditional markets while also enabling new non-traditional products and applications for high-power RF systems.

RF Communications

Aethera designs RF communications systems using industry best practices. We have experience with digital communications systems such as orthogonal frequency division multiplexing (OFDM), minimum shift keying (MSK), frequency shift keying (FSK), and other single or multi carrier systems. Our experts have designed broadcast-quality analog communication systems using AM and FM. For high-power systems, we have implemented digital predistortion for correcting high-power solid state or tube amplifiers, allowing for optimal spectral performance. Regardless of what is required for the application, our software defined radio platform can be tailored to the relevant communication standard.

We can assist with the selection and installation of equipment for RF communication applications. Our services include RF propagation analysis and we can advise on site locations and transmission parameters.

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DSP & Embedded Systems

Aethera has expertise in the areas of digital signal processing and embedded systems. For DSP, we have the capability to analytically design and model systems in MATLAB, followed by performing practical implementations. We excel at providing custom solutions to match specific customer requirements, including:

We have the capability to design printed circuit boards to accommodate specific customer applications where required. Our software is designed with real-time requirements in mind. Our other capabilities include:

Custom Technology Solutions

Aethera has developed customized technology solutions for a range of RF power and communications applications. These include electric space propulsion, RF heating and wireless communication.


1 MHz ICH RF-PPU for Electric Propulsion

We have worked with Ad Astra Rocket Company to develop a custom RF power generator for a plasma propulsion system. Our technology was customized to operate in vacuum and in the presence of strong magnetic fields. The benefit of this technology is high power density (small size, high power) with extremely high efficiency. This power generation system is currently in operation.

RF Modem

Aethera has developed an RF modulator and demodulator (modem) platform that is currently used for custom RF communication applications, as well as being adaptable to existing standards. The RF modem has IP connectivity for sending/receiving data and for telemetry and control. This rugged rack-mount system is intended to run unattended and can be automated to allow for scheduled changes in configuration. The platform is based around a powerful DSP and has a software and signal processing library written for it, allowing it to be easily adapted within new applications. The RF components can be easily adapted from low frequency (LF) up to very high frequency (VHF), using direct digital synthesis for the modulator and direct conversion for the demodulator. Where required, the platform has been designed around the use of the global positioning system (GPS) to synchronize both frequency and absolute timing.

RF Heating

Aethera has customized solutions in a range of industrial contexts. We have modernized the drying of wood products by replacing outdated RF tube technology with solid state radio frequency power and customized the matching network required to optimize the system. This has significantly reduced the drying time.

We worked with a parts manufacturer on the modernization of their process heating system. In designing the new heating system, we combined a solid state RF generator with a custom matcher and applicator. This has resulted in a dramatic improvement in product consistency.

We performed simulation and modelling for a proof of concept RF heating system in the oil & gas sector. This included engineering support and the supply of a matching network.

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Research and Development Services

High-power RF systems design for broadcast, communication, and industrial applications

Embedded Digital Hardware Design and Software