Power generator solutions for the aerospace industry

Get solid-state RF power tailored to your objectives. Our industry-leading experts have created custom solutions for a variety of aerospace applications, including electric space propulsion.

The next generation of electric propulsion systems

Satellites and other platforms require some method of maneuvering or station keeping once they are in space. Our team is working with partners in developing high- and low-power electric propulsion systems.

Our technology is used in the Ad Astra Rocket Company™ Variable Specific Impulse Magnetoplasma Rocket (VASIMR®). The high-power electric rocket engine was developed for a wide range of missions, including economically sustainable logistics operations in cislunar space and high-speed transport in deep space. We are also developing low-power RF generators for use in the SmallSat, CubeSat and nanoSat markets.

1 MHz ICH RF-PPU for Electric Propulsion

We have worked with Ad Astra Rocket Company to develop a custom RF power generator for a plasma propulsion system. Our technology was customized to operate in a vacuum and in the presence of strong magnetic fields. The benefit of this technology is high power density (small size, high power) with extremely high efficiency. This power generation system is currently in operation.


High power density

A key benefit of replacing traditional vacuum tube technology with our solid-state power transistors is high power density (small size, high power).

High efficiency

The custom generator we created for Ad Astra Rocket CompanyTM is 98% energy efficient, which can’t be matched with vacuum tube systems.

Precise control over power

Our solid-state RF power generators can help modernize the control system and significantly improve the ability to control power.

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