Pharma & Cosmetics

A gentle solution for delicate materials

Heat, dry and sanitize delicate materials with no degradation. APG series solid-state RF power generators offer precise, real-time, digital control ideal for applications that require highly accurate processing.

Precision processing of heat-sensitive substrates

Solid-state RF power offers a more accurate, controlled solution for drying and thermally treating natural and delicate materials without compromising their chemical, physical, functional or other characteristics. Our APG series generators are highly energy efficient and deliver consistent power for:

  • Sterilizing and sanitizing packaging materials, medical equipment and medicinal herbs and plants
  • Drying of natural hair and pharmaceutical and nutraceutical intermediates, as well as the drying and curing of cosmetics like nail polish and mascara
  • Mixing and emulsifying pharmaceuticals and cosmetics for stable suspensions and emulsions
  • Extracting active ingredients from plants and other sources

Versatile technology configured to your needs

Our solid-state RF power generators are a competitively priced solution that can be used for a wide variety of applications in the pharmaceutical and cosmetic industries. Designed with flexibility in mind, they can be customized to fit your existing processes and are able to be scaled up or down to adjust output without having to invest in new equipment.



Solid-state RF generators are more reliable than vacuum tube RF generators, because they have no user serviceable or replaceable parts. An APGTM series generator has a service life expectancy of over 20 years.

Exact digital control

By rapidly delivering the exact amount of power needed to a product and allowing for instant adjustments, our solid-state RF generators ensure consistent results and a reduced risk of product degradation and damage.

Improves productivity

With little to no chance of system failure or downtime, exceptional energy efficiency and faster, more precise heating and processing, switching to solid-state RF power will improve productivity, while lowering costs.