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August 14, 2020
7 Ways Solid-State Outperforms Traditional Vacuum-Tube Technology for RF Heating
September 15, 2020

In our tireless pursuit of innovation, we have created an affordable, reliable RF power source that is smaller and lighter than anything else on the market.

At Aethera, we strive to deliver RF power solutions that not only meet the specifications required by our clients but also challenge what’s possible. As innovators in solid-state RF power for process heating and drying, we’ve developed the first in a series of high-power, solid-state generators that will do just that – the APG 7-50*.

Quick reference guide: Solid-State vs. Vacuum Tube RF generators

The APG 7-50 is:


Through innovative design, we’ve managed to manufacture the most affordable, high-power, solid-state generator ever created. Solid-state has long had a reputation for its high capital cost. While solid-state generators save facilities money in the long-term, they’ve never been able to compete with the lower up-front cost of traditional vacuum tube technology – until now.


When compared with traditional vacuum tube technology, solid-state RF generators are far more efficient. Vacuum tube power equipment uses technology that has not changed for more than a half-century. Vacuum-tube generators are roughly 70% efficient under ideal conditions. In contrast, Aethera’s APG 7-50* generator operates consistently at 95% efficiency. This is thanks to the innovative new architecture developed by Aethera. Those who switch to solid-state can expect to save thousands on power every year.


When we were conceiving the idea for this generator, we wanted to address the biggest points of frustration that our clients have with their RF systems. The most frequent complaint we heard was about a lack of reliability. Most users experience break downs and loss of production time on a regular basis. Aethera’s solid-state generators, in comparison, are designed for a twenty-year lifespan and will drastically reduce or eliminate facility downtime for RF generator repairs.

If your facility uses a vacuum tube generator to power its RF heating or drying system, you can drastically improve the reliability and efficiency of your system by switching to a solid-state generator. And what’s more? You can do so at a price comparable to your current generator.

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*Patent pending