RF Sources

Aethera is actively developing commercial radio frequency (RF) generators for high-power industrial dielectric heating and other power intensive applications. These products use advanced digital signal processor (DSP) based control, innovative AC to DC power conversion and high efficiency switch mode RF amplifier technology.

Our initial product focus area is high power sources (10 – 500 kW) for frequencies below 10 MHz. These products will set a new standard for energy efficiency, size, and affordability. Due to the inherent energy efficiency benefits of dielectric heating, we expect our high-power dielectric heating systems to achieve lower costs than 50/60 Hz resistive heating solutions (hot air and radiant) when electrical energy consumption costs are included. They will also provide substantial benefits of faster heating, reduced space requirements, and better control.


Applicators and Matching Networks

Aethera’s product offering includes consulting on dielectric heating applications.

Our engineering consulting services include:

RF Modem

Aethera has developed an RF modulator and demodulator (modem) platform that can be used for custom RF communication applications, as well as being adaptable to existing standards. The RF modem has IP connectivity for sending/receiving data and for telemetry and control. This rugged rack-mount system is intended to run unattended and can be automated to allow for scheduled changes in configuration.

The platform is based around a powerful DSP and has a software and signal processing library written for it, allowing it to be easily adapted within new applications. The RF components can be easily adapted from low frequency (LF) up to very high frequency (VHF), using direct digital synthesis for the modulator and direct conversion for the demodulator. Where required, the platform has been designed around the use of the global positioning system (GPS) to synchronize both frequency and absolute timing.