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Reliable solid state RF generators for the process heating and drying sector

The RF heating and drying space has been reliant on legacy tube technology for years. While tube systems are able to heat and dry a wide variety of products, they are known to be unreliable. Users of these systems often complain about facility downtime, inefficiency, and a lack of control over the system.
Then came solid state. Solid-state technology virtually eliminates the common problems inherent in tube systems. Those who switch to solid state from (6.78 or 13.56 MHz) tube oscillators can expect zero downtime for maintenance, a longer product lifespan, and a higher degree of efficiency.

Download our Solid State vs. Vacuum Tube Quick Reference Guide to learn more about the benefits of solid state.

Solid-state RF power is finally affordable.

Aethera Tech. has revolutionized solid state RF power. By engineering a generator that is roughly ⅓ the cost of previous generations, we’ve made solid state affordable for the first time.

The APG7-50 generator * - 6.78 MHz (50kW)

The first affordable high-power solid-state RF generator
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The APG7-50 is a solid-state RF generator designed to solve the many problems that arise with tube technology. After developing industrial RF power solutions for manufacturers spanning various industries, we have developed the first affordable alternative to the traditional tube technology.

*Patent pending


Product highlights

Exact digital control

Know exactly how much heat is being applied to your products and depend on it staying at that level. By comparison, old technology has never offered this level of precision.

Unprecedented reliability

With solid state, there is no maintenance required. This means less down time for your operation.

95% energy efficiency

Traditional tube technology is only 60% efficient on average. This could lead to greater than 30% reduction in electrical costs.

Superior flexibility

This generator eliminates the system design limitations of tube technology and offers superior flexibility with a wider range of applications.

Small but powerful

Our innovative new generator architecture results in the smallest and lightest high power generator ever made.

Modern IP-based controls

Monitor from the desktop and easily integrate with industrial controllers.

RF engineering support

Our electrical engineering team is available to support integration into your system and frequency adjustment with installations.

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Our 13.56 MHz solid state RF generator

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Introducing Aethera’s APG 7-50: The Smallest and Lightest High-Power RF Generator Ever Made

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Case Study: Innovative generator units power the next generation of electric rocket propulsion.

AARC has partnered with NASA under the NextSTEP program to advance their technology to Technology Readiness Level 5 (TRL 5) which requires that the rocket as well as the power generators operate in an environment similar to space, including vacuum as well as a strong magnetic field. In order to meet the NextSTEP requirements, Ad Astra needed a power generator solution engineered with very specific characteristics for space application.