RF Power Products

Aethera uses RF power innovation to help clients achieve high power for process heating and drying applications while improving energy efficiency. The process heating sector is a natural for RF power as they shift from burning fossil fuels to more efficient power sources. The generator is the heart of a heating system. The quality of the heating system is directly related to the quality of the generator.

Aethera has made solid state affordable by engineering a generator that is roughly 1/3 the cost of previous generations of solid state technology. It also offers superior performance relative to tube technology and previous generations of solid state due to exact digital control over power, greater reliability and greater energy efficiency.

This RF amplifier is perfect for those looking to replace 6.78 MHz tube oscillators with reliable solid state RF. Aethera’s solid state RF generator will provide long life and eliminate down time for maintenance. This RF switch mode power supply is on the leading edge of RF technology. It offers superior performance for RF drying.

The APG7-50 Generator

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Our revolutionary RF heating generators are efficient, reliable, flexible and, for the first time, affordable. This 50 kW generator operates at 7 MHz. It is ideal for high power process heating and drying applications for bulk goods which require speed of drying and product consistency. The efficiency of the power supply means low operating costs. This offers significant competitive advantages to manufacturers and producers.

Product Highlights

Aethera has made solid state RF power affordable through technology innovation.

This generator is 1/3 the cost of previous generations of solid state. This enables buyers to reduce their capital cost.

This solid state RF generator offers superior performance vs. tube technology and previous generations of solid state.

Exact digital control over the amount of power used

By comparison, old technology has never offered this level of precision.

Greater reliability vs. tube technology

With solid state, there is no maintenance required. This means less down time for your operation.

95% energy efficiency vs. 60% for tube technology

This could lead to greater than 30% reduction in electrical costs.

Superior flexibility in system design

This generator eliminates the limitations of tube technology and offers superior flexibility of power transfer with a wider range of applications.

Small but powerful

Our innovative new generator architecture results in the smallest and lightest high power generator ever made.

Modern IP-based controls

Monitor from the desktop and easily integrate with industrial controllers.

Aethera offers technical integration and frequency adjustment with installation.

Aethera’s electrical engineering team is available to support integration into your system.

Coming soon

A series of generators from 2 MHz and below for power levels of 100 kW and higher.