Aethera can supply innovative technologies and capabilities that can be deployed to create a solution. Our primary focus is on Radio Frequency systems, where we have a range of technologies developed for their design, installation, and use. We pride ourselves on advancing the current state of the art in our focus areas.

Dielectric Heating

Dielectric heating is a technology where rapidly varying electric fields produce heat within a targeted material and is often employed as part of manufacturing or material processing. At Aethera we believe dielectric heating is an underutilized technology which offers fundamental and unique advantages when compared to more conventional commonplace heating methods. With conventional technologies, more than 50% of the heating energy is often wasted, doubling the cost of energy. Dielectric heating effect is internally generated in the target material, waste heat is greatly reduced. Because heating effect is throughout the entire material volume (as opposed to conductively transferred through the exterior surface) heating time can be reduced greatly.

Traditionally, dielectric heating was an expensive solution only employed when its speed was an absolute requirement. Our vision is to supply unique dielectric heating solutions which will allow for the adoption of the technology in non-traditional applications based on both reduced total cost of ownership, as well as improving the heating process. These products will achieve remarkable levels of energy efficiency greatly reducing electrical energy costs. Novel approaches to equipment design and control will eliminate the traditional barriers for adoption of RF solutions in cost, reliability and complexity.


High-Power Switch-Mode Amplifiers

Switch mode Radio Frequency amplifier technology may be used in communications applications where a signal is transmitted, or in applications where RF energy is required for a process, such as plasma production or dielectric heating at frequencies generally below 50 MHz.

Aethera’s RF amplifier technology offers the following benefits:

Improving our RF amplifier technology is a core strategic goal which we believe will benefit our client’s products in their traditional markets while also enabling new non-traditional products and applications for high-power RF systems.

RF Communications

Aethera designs RF communications systems using industry best practices. We have experience with digital communications systems such as orthogonal frequency division multiplexing (OFDM), minimum shift keying (MSK), frequency shift keying (FSK), and other single or multi carrier systems. Our experts have designed broadcast-quality analog communication systems using AM and FM. For high-power systems, we have implemented digital predistortion for correcting high-power solid state or tube amplifiers, allowing for optimal spectral performance. Regardless of what is required for the application, our software defined radio platform can be tailored to the relevant communication standard.

We can assist with the selection and installation of equipment for RF communication applications. Our services include RF propagation analysis and we can advise on site locations and transmission parameters.

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DSP & Embedded Systems

Aethera has expertise in the areas of digital signal processing and embedded systems. For DSP, we have the capability to analytically design and model systems in MATLAB, followed by performing practical implementations.

We excel at providing custom solutions to match specific customer requirements, including:

We have the capability to design printed circuit boards to accommodate specific customer applications where required. Our software is designed with real-time requirements in mind. Our other capabilities include: