Boost Energy Savings by up to 50%

Use rf generators and save energy

One of the biggest costs in running a production facility is energy. In the mass timber sector, the efficiency of the gluing process can be improved by switching from vacuum tube to a solid-state RF power generator. The benefits are significant.

Solid-State RF Generators vs. Vacuum Tube Generators

Aethera’s solid-state RF generators operate at roughly 95% efficiency versus roughly 60% for vacuum tube generators. This could result in energy savings of 30-50%. Additionally, many jurisdictions offer energy credits for purchasing machinery that contributes to energy efficiency and reduces carbon footprint.

Another efficiency of solid-state over vacuum tube RF generators is the significant increase in life expectancy and decrease in replacement and maintenance costs. The life span of an Aethera™ solid-state RF power generator is greater than 20 years, with no parts to wear out. On the other hand, vacuum tube RF solutions are wholly dependent on the never-ending replacement of one or more tubes. At intervals of often less than three years, vacuum tubes must be purchased and replaced. Replacement and required calibration times are typically unscheduled and lengthy, taking a toll on system availability.

Next, consider the space savings gained because a solid-state RF generator is a fraction of the size of legacy vacuum tube generators.

Finally, think about how Aethera’s solid-state RF power supply provides precise digital control of power and voltage. This means no longer having to manually supervise or control your process, thereby allowing the reallocation of your valuable human resources to higher productivity functions.

Overall, switching to a solid-state RF power generator will result in greater efficiency, reliability, and control while leading to reduced maintenance and reduced operating costs.

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