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Mass Timber

Drying, gluing, laminating, and curing in finger joint, CLT, GLT, or LVL processes.


Dehumidification, preheating, drying, vulcanizing, welding, or thermosetting of fibrous or non-fibrous textiles


Pre-heating of composite materials.


Power Processing Units for the high-power electric propulsion required to move large masses in space, and high efficiency energy conversion for smaller mass satellites.

Pharma & Cosmetics

Heating, drying, and sanitization of pharmaceuticals and cosmetics.

Materials Transformation

Thermal treatment of solid chemical compounds.


A range of high-frequency RF power generators for heating the plasma required for sustained fusion reactions.


Drying, thawing, pasteurizing, or tempering food products.

Customization for Industrial, scientific, and Medical Solutions (ISM)

APG™ series generators have made solid-state RF power a competitively priced solution for a wide range of industries and applications. If one of our COTS solutions does not suit your unique requirements, we can provide custom configurations that ensure a seamless transition into your existing processes.

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