A reliable, efficient solution for textile processing

Create better products more efficiently with reliable, solid-state RF power that results in consistent, perfectly uniform drying. Our APG™ series generators operate at 7 or 14 MHz with power levels from 10-400 KW.

A reduction in energy costs and downtime

RF power is used to process a variety of textile and technical textile products. Unlike traditional vacuum tube RF power systems, our solid-state RF generators are 95% energy efficient and don’t have parts that require replacement or repairs. Maintenance is limited to occasionally changing air filters, which leads to less downtime and significantly lower maintenance costs.

Improved process control for higher quality products

Our solid-state RF power generators provide precise digital control over all parameters, including the electrode voltage, frequency and power. This allows for more consistent, accurate RF heat sealing, processing and drying of textile products down to the exact residual moisture desired.

Solid-state RF generators can also operate at high power levels continuously, which increases throughput and production rates, while lowering production costs. Overall, upgrading to solid-state technology increases productivity and delivers higher quality, more uniform products.


Energy efficient

Solid-state RF generators are 95% energy efficient as compared to 60% for vacuum tube generators. Switching to solid-state can cut energy costs by up to 50% and slash carbon emissions.

Competitively priced

APG series solid-state RF generators are similar in cost to vacuum tube generators but without the downtime or high maintenance and energy costs. They also increase productivity and decrease product defects.

Small footprint

The APG7-50 and APG14-40 are the lightest, smallest high-power, solid-state RF generators on the market. Designed to fit into a 19-inch rack, our solution will reduce the footprint of your system.