More precise drying and thermal processing

Enhance food safety and quality and reduce waste using solid-state RF power to dry, thaw, pasteurize, and temper food products. Because energy is delivered to the product using precise, digital control, an APG™ series generator can reduce processing times, increase product quality and consistency, and reduce energy consumption.

RF for baking, thawing and tempering food

Beyond baking and defrosting

RF heating has traditionally been used in the food industry for baking, tempering and thawing. Our solid-state RF power generators remove the system design limitations of vacuum tube technology and offer superior flexibility with a wider range of applications, including pasteurization, sterilization, sanitization and disinfection, and more.

Instantaneous, uniform heat

RF technology is much more efficient than conventional methods because it heats the entire mass of the product from within while retaining its properties (e.g., taste, nutrients, color, weight). Solid-state RF power generators can turn ON and OFF almost instantaneously and can ramp power up or down according to product or process needs, thus providing maximum precision, reducing the risk of overheating or underheating, and preventing the formation of harmful compounds, such as acrylamide, in some foods.

RF for baking, thawing and tempering food


Cost savings

APG™ series generators are highly energy efficient and can reduce energy costs by up to 50%. Additional savings come from minimal maintenance, no system downtime and fewer product defects.

Scalable and customizable

Solid-state RF power can easily be scaled up to increase throughput and production rates. Our team offers both COTS solutions and custom configurations, ensuring seamless integration into your current processes.

Faster processing

Create better quality products and achieve shorter process times by heating exactly what you want and nothing else to the exact temperature needed, using the exact frequency required.