Powering nuclear fusion

We are developing revolutionary solid-state RF power generators that will improve the capabilities of particle beam accelerator systems.

Helping to transform the energy landscape

Nuclear fusion could provide virtually limitless clean, safe and affordable energy to the world. Our solid-state RF power generators generate the high-frequency electrical power needed for heating plasma to the right temperature and sustaining the fusion reactions. The energy efficiency, precise control and greater reliability offered by solid-state technology makes it an ideal choice for modern fusion applications.


Higher efficiency

Solid-state RF power generators provide unmatched energy efficiency. Heating is precise and very little heat is lost to the environment.

Minimal maintenance requirements

While traditional vacuum tube systems require regular and costly maintenance, the only physical maintenance needed for our solid-state RF power generators is air filter replacement.

Greater reliability

With a service life expectancy of over 20 years and no user serviceable or replaceable parts inside, a solid-state RF power generator is extremely reliable.