Mass Timber

Better power, better gluing, better productivity

The productivity of your mass timber equipment has everything to do with the quality of the RF power used. Solid-state RF power outperforms vacuum tube technology on every level. Integrating the next generation of solid-state RF power into your finger joint, CLT, GLT or LVL equipment will improve productivity and reduce operating costs.

RF generator equipment for timber production

Customizable, solid-state RF power for mass timber equipment

Our small, lightweight solid-state RF power generators are configured to your exact power needs with power level choices from 10 – 400 kW operating at 7 or 14 MHz.

Our engineers will work with you to create the ideal integration into your existing mass timber equipment and industrial controllers. Our system is designed for easy desktop control and monitoring, so you will always have the exact power you need for the process you are using.

Say goodbye to the limitations of legacy vacuum tube systems

Traditional vacuum tube technology is unreliable, requires regular, costly maintenance, is prone to failure, and is not energy efficient. Solid-state RF power generators, on the other hand, are incredibly energy efficient and precise, potentially reducing operating costs by up to 50%.

Solid-state RF power generators have no tubes or mechanical components that can wear out. They substantially eliminate downtime and costly replacement parts and repairs.  Additionally, using solid-state RF power in your mass timber press will reduce processing time and arc defects, while improving the quality of your products.


95% energy efficiency

Unlike inefficient tube technology, very little heat is lost to the environment with APG generators. Switching to solid-state can reduce energy costs by up 50%.


Though similar in cost to vacuum tube technology, our solid-state RF generators don’t have any of the limitations. They also reduce defects and boost press productivity.


Our generators require minimal physical maintenance and have a lifespan of 20+ years. Solid-state virtually eliminates downtime and costly replacement parts and repairs.