Consulting Engineering

At Aethera, we respect our clients’ inherent knowledge of their industry. By bringing our expertise to the table we are able to work collaboratively as an extension of their teams to improve their competitiveness. We offer a wide range of engineering consulting services from a team with extensive experience in the design, development, deployment, and support of complex engineering solutions and systems around the world. Our team includes some of the leading experts in the field of High-Power RF systems design.

Acting as independent agents and experts for our clients, we offer a wide array of engineering and related project services including:

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Research and Development Services

High-power RF systems design for broadcast, communication, and industrial applications

Embedded Digital Hardware Design and Software

Electrical Safety and Electromagnetic Compatibility

IP Licensing

At Aethera, we have a flexible approach to suit the customer’s business and project. We are continually growing the IP portfolio available to our partners. Our clients can benefit from related services based on an appropriate fee structure, i.e. consulting on client’s internal product and technology development.

Project Management

Aethera is owned and managed by a group of engineering professionals. Our extensive technical expertise and adaptability ensures that innovative project management solutions can be applied to a wide variety of situations. Using the generally accepted practices of technical project management, Aethera will structure our client’s project management plan to suit the complexity and scope of the project.

We are comfortable in managing large turn-key projects as well as fitting within an existing project management system to manage the many different deliverables of these projects, including: design, development, deployment and support.

Aethera’s project/program management approach includes: